What's best suited for you: new or pre-owned holiday homes?

January 4th 2022

Diving into the world of holiday parks and holiday homes can be a daunting task. There's so many things you have to consider; location, onsite facilities, 2 or 3 bedrooms, quiet plot or one with sea views, to name just a few we hear regularly.

One consideration that should be at the top of your list is working out what's right for you - new or pre-owned?

There are obvious benefits to both, as well as some drawbacks. We thought we'd try and help you answer this question.

Bang for you buck

Pre-owned homes come at a lower cost than their new counterparts. This is of course one of the big pluses of buying second-hand and what makes them particularly popular with first time buyers looking to test the waters of holiday home living.

Another element that might not seem so obvious is the rate in deprecation - newer models depreciate at a faster rate. However, the trade off for pre-owned homes is the fact they have less time left on their license agreement.

For example, on St. David's Park a licence agreement is 12 years. If you buy a 5 year old caravan there is only 7 years left on the license at which point you'll be asked to consider your options of selling you caravan, moving it elsewhere, or upgrading.

There's nothing like that new-caravan smell

We all know and the love the smell of a new car. Well it's the same for static caravans and lodges too! Pre-owned holiday homes will always come with wear and tear which is to be expected from normal and regular usage. New holiday homes can also offer a better opportunity to add a splash of your own personality on more of a blank canvas - particularly high-end lodges where you can steer design and decor.

Mod-cons and comfort

The pace in which holiday homes are improving is rapid. Gone are the days of cold and noisy units. A modern caravan has pretty much everything you'd expect from your bricks-and-mortar home - including double glazing and central heating - but focal features such as electric fireplaces, designer free-standing furniture and even roof terraces are all possible in the modern holiday home. For the very latest and best in holiday home living currently on the market, a new caravan or lodge might be the best way to go.

Taking the plunge

Pre-owned may also be another good option if you want to take the plunge and try holiday home living, not just because it's cheaper, but also because you can then decide whether the lifestyle is suited to you. Once you find the perfect park, you are then in a great position to find out about the latest plots and holiday homes becoming available.

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