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Holiday lodges give prospective owners a chance to own a more spacious and bespoke holiday home. When looking at lodges for sale North Wales we understand that it can be a lot information to digest with many options. This section explains everything in detail and gives you and idea of whether a lodge will be the best option for you.

Holiday lodges North Wales: What you need to know.

Lodges provide more space than a cravan. The are what's known as "double width" - meaning they are twice as wide as a caravan, usually at around 20ft.

This is achieved by building and creating the lodge in two halves, with a split down the length - so a 40ft x 20ft lodge, for example, would be build and transported in two halves of 40ft x 10ft. The lodge is then expertlyattached together seemlessly, usually cleverly hidden by a pitched roof.

The benefits of a lodge holiday home

When you step into a lodge the benefit of the extra size and space made possible is clear straight away. Lodges, like caravans, usually come in 2 or 3 bedroom options but there is a clear difference when it comes to the living space and master bedroom. A lodge will have an expansive open-plan kitchen-dining and living area. The master bedroom will boast plenty a full-size (often king) sized bed, plenty of starage, and a generous en-suite which is not possible in a caravan.

Another advantage of lodges can be seen when when purchasing a plot without a lodge - you can work together with us and the lodge manufacturere to create a fully bespoke lodge suited to your tastes. When designing a lodge, thanks to the space, there your hands aren't as tied as in a caravan and their is much more room to add luxury features, such as fireplaces and glass panels.

Lodge v caravans holiday homes

When exploring lodges for sale North Wales, you may find yourself comparing lodges and caravans. With twice the size and the need for extra transportation, lodges are generally more expensive than caravans. However, with pre-owned options and a large choice of lodges for a variety of budgets, your dream lodge may be a lot closer than you think!

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